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2023 Sire Directory

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Power Source Bulls®️ - Real Bulls at Real Dollars ™ is a genetic alliance of commercially-oriented and beef seed-stock producers. This Genetic Alliance has united leading ranches, from all major cattle breeds, under one single Brand, to better serve our customers.  The Power Source partners ranches are recognized as some of the most highly regarded herds in their respective breeds.  Our focus is customer centric and driven to see our customers succeed.  We believe success comes from our integrity, by creating superior genetics and having a progressive approach to improving beef cattle genetics.

Power Source® Genetics is a 8,200 head registered seedstock provider and commercial beef operation with over 32,000 commercial animals in our cooperator herds. We have ranch locations in Arkansas, Georgia, Iowa, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Pennsylvania. Our trademarked statement is “Real Bulls at Real Dollars ™” and our philosophy is to provide all our customers outstanding genetics at Real Dollars. With over 52 years as commercial cattlemen we can relate, appreciate and understand the needs of our fellow cattlemen. We understand the Beef Industry and the superior genetics required to service these quality demands.

Our females are known for their docile temperaments, fleshing ability, ability to rebreed and calve with no assistance, have solid feet and sound udders and must raise a marketable calf every year. Our superior females have survived and thrived under our very rigid culling process and diverse ranch environments.

Our sire selection is based on pedigree, phenotype and genomics and real data. Our sires must come from proven animals. Our breeding program is focused on stacking proven sires of sires on proven dams of dams to achieve consistent results. Phenotype traits we select for are correctness of feet and legs, muscle thickness and masculinity.

We use genetic prediction (EPDs), one of the most powerful tools in the hands of the beef cattle producer. The concept of an EPD is very easy to understand because it is truly the expected progeny difference in performance. EPD’s are more valuable than individual performance records, within herd ratios or performance tests because all of these pieces of information are taken into consideration in calculating an EPD.  Donors and herd bulls offered as semen interest require GGP HD-150K testing for more extensive data and even higher accuracy.

We know that Proven Dams crossed with Proven Sires brings Proven results and these are the requirements of a Power Source® Elite Bull. “Power Source® is your One Source to Power Up your Genetics” ™.

Power Source Bulls - Real Bulls at Real Dollars ™

Power Source Bulls - Real Bulls at Real Dollars ™

Registered Breeds:


ISA Beefmasters


Black X Ranch, Smith Farms and Young Land and Cattle


Brink Fleckvieh


Hybrid Maximizers
Black X Ranch

Sim Angus



Ultra Blacks
Black X Ranch and Smith Farms

Commercial Breeds:

Black Baldie/Baldy

Super Baldie/Baldy

Gold Standards

Tiger Stripes

Power Source Bulls - Real Bulls at Real Dollars ™
Power Source Bulls - Real Bulls at Real Dollars ™