Angus Breeders

Sitz Angus

Serving the cattle industry for over 100 years, the SITZ prefix has earned the reputation of producing the kind of female that is maternally productive-fertile, raise a big calf, and do it trouble-free year after year. Four generations strong, with two ranches located in Dillon and Harrison, Montana the SITZ family thrives on producing genetics that will excel down stream in the industry; throughout the feeding sector and on the rail-rapid growth, desirable feed conversions, and carcasses that earn premiums, not discounts. Selling over 1000+ PAP-tested, registered Angus bulls annually, their genetics are placed in bull studs, registered operations, and commercial cow herds. In addition to the bulls, they have a registered female sale every 5 years and annually sell 500+ SITZ-bred commercial females. Click here to meet the Sitz Family and learn more about their breeding program.

Spring Bull & Female Sale 2nd Wednesday in March
Dillon, MT
Fall Bull & Female Sale 1st Thursday in December
Harrison, MT


Harrison Ranch
37 Sitz Lane
P.O. Box 129
Harrison, MT 59735
Phone: (406) 685-3360
Cell: (406) 581-9153

Dillon Ranch
9100 MT Hwy 91 North
Dillion, MT 59725
Phone: (406) 683-5277
Cell: (406) 925-9888

Promotion and Marketing Assistant
Cell: (208) 670-2364

Beefmaster Breeders

Isa Beefmasters
Isa Beefmasters is the 4th generation of the Lasater family developing high-performance Beefmaster genetics in West Texas near San Angelo. The Beefmaster breed was founded by company president Lorenzo Lasater’s grandfather in 1937. Beefmasters are a composite breed made up of roughly one-half Bos Taurus (Hereford and Shorthorn) and one-half Bos Indicus (Nelore from Brazil, Gir and Guzerat from India). Eighty-plus years of intense, yet balanced selection for economi­cally important traits has created a homozygous beef breed with the explosive growth potential of a hybrid. The company specializes in high-performance Beefmaster genetics for grass-based beef cattle producers. We sell 200 bulls annually, with a 150 head auction the first Saturday each October (2021 marks our 60th sale!) and 50 bulls private treaty each spring. Additionally, we offer select groups of females throughout the year as well as semen and embryos from the L Bar herd. The L Bar brand was first registered in South Texas in 1890.

Phone: 325-656-9126

Brahman Breeders

Circle F Farms
Circle F Farms is located in the Turpentine Capitol of the world, also known as, Baxley Georgia. Woody Folsom, along with his wife Tamela, and their two kids Tanner and Anna Kate started Circle F Farms in 2001. A passion for Woody soon turned into a 3,300 acre, 1,200 head cattle farm. With Woody’s interests laying in Registered Gray Brahman cattle, he focused his attention on building that herd with some of the best genetics in the country. Over 700 head of Brahman females are now what cover the fields at Circle F, all with elite bloodlines like those of V8 Ranch & J.D. Hudgins, Inc.  We are proud to say that we have also expanded our offering to include some of our own F1 genetics, with the influence of Hereford and Angus bulls from some of the best ranches across the country. Woody loves to say, “If you’re going to do something, do it all the way and as best you can” and he has applied that to all of his endeavors on the farm, day in and day out.  Woody has always been self- driven and this determination helped him turn an after school job into the Woody Folsom Auto Dealerships that consist of 8 car dealerships, Woody Folsom Trailers and Feed, Circle F Meats, and Circle F Processing LLC. Woody has taken the life lessons he learned at a young age on the farm and implemented them in all facets of life. With the outstanding team that we have at Circle F Farms, we know that the future is bright and we look forward to working with cattlemen from all across the Country for years to come.

Joe Eason, Manager: 912-240-0503      
Keaton Walker, Marketing: 229-921-6944  
Woody Folsom, Owner: 912-253-8166

We invite you to follow us on social media and check us out at

Brangus Breeders

Hardin Cattle Company
Hardin Cattle Company was founded in 2006 and is a Registered Brangus and Angus breeder located in Georgia. We have commercial operations located in Mississippi and Georgia.  Hardin Cattle Company offers Elite Registered Brangus, Composites and Ultra Blacks via embryo transfer using our battery of owned semen sires. You will find our elite genetics in Registered ranches across the country. We are proud members of the American Angus Association, IBBA, American Cattle Breeders Association and American Hereford Association. Van Hardin founded the Power Source Genetic Alliance in 2017 to help other member ranches market their registered animals.

Phone: 706-266-5689 

Smith Farms
Smith Farms is owned and operated by Phil Smith & family located in Roxton, Tx. We started as a commercial cow calf operation in 1986 and have since developed a registered Brangus herd as well. We shifted our main focus from commercial cattle to our registered herd due to the fact that land was getting more difficult to acquire and we were able to profit more off of our registered herd.

Our breeding program consists of Brangus cattle with proven genetics and we aim to produce cattle to improve your herd. Qualities like soundness, longevity, ease of handling, maternal instincts, efficiency and structural integrity are of uppermost importance to us.

We take pride in our program and the way that we wean and develop our cattle. We have learned that by easing our pairs into the weaning process and not abruptly separating the calves from the cows we have had far better results. They are seasonally developed on wheat pasture and bermuda grass, with access to a soybean meal and salt supplement at all times. This allows cattle to mature slowly and develop bone and good structure with ease.

We thank you and we hope that we can be of service in meeting your needs to enhance your cattle operation.

Phone: 214-803-7095

Young Land & Cattle Co.
Young Land & Cattle Co. is a registered Brangus breeder with the ranch location in Central Oklahoma. The ranch has been raising Brangus cattle since the mid 1990’s. Young Land & Cattle Co. only use superior Brangus seed stock and genetics. In addition, we use the latest technology of genomics, embryo transfer, artificial insemination, ultrasound, and complete individual performance to further promote the genetics in our herd. Our goal is to raise high quality commercial bulls and superior seed stock replacements for our customers. We look at an overall balanced trait individual with emphasis placed on fertility, growth, carcass, and phenotype. Young Land & Cattle Co. is passionate about Brangus cattle and bringing the highest quality animal to market. Our commitment to genetics, culling, docility, and latest technology will help our clients succeed in the cattle industry. We offer bulls, females, and semen throughout the year.

Phone: 936-827-4954 

Charolais Breeders

Wright Charolais
Located 30 miles east of Kansas City in Richmond, MO, we are home to over 600 purebred Charolais Cattle. Owner, Derry Wright’s passion for Charolais cattle began with his grandfather’s herd many years ago. With the help of his wife, Mary, and managing partner's, Chris and Kelsi Peuster, this Charolais herd has grown to be nationally recognized. At Wright Charolais, our cattle are genetically selected for calving ease, vigor at birth and docile dispositions. They are moderate in frame size without sacrificing the performance needed for exceptional pay weight.

Phone: 816-456-3792
Email: or

Fleckvieh Breeders

Brink Fleckvieh
Our Fleckvieh genetics are in 27 foreign countries along with bordering neighbors Mexico and Canada. It is your input and conversations about your operations that assist us in building Fleckviehs to generate profit for you. This marks our 32th year of breeding Full Fleckvieh. Our 120 head cow herd is of Full Fleckvieh breeding from the German and Austria herd book.

Brink Fleckvieh is free of Black Simmental, Red Simmental, Charolais, Hereford, Angus, Red Angus, Gelbvieh, Shorthorn, and Brahman breeding. This in return allows you to experience a big blast of heterosis from our genetic purity and linebreeding of high quality individuals. When you incorporate Brink Fleckvieh into your commercial breeding program, we can add muscle, fleshing ability, and higher milk quality to your cows so they generate you MORE PROFIT.

Office Phone: 563-245-2048
Jerry Brink:, 563-880-1470

Hereford Breeders

Perez Cattle Company
Located in the NE corner of New Mexico our cattle have been bred to excel in the rugged southwest for over 40 years.  Every breeding decision we make at Perez Cattle Co is designed to produce the best female possible. The resulting bulls will sire steers that pay and females with ideal udder quality, fertility, longevity, and calving ease - exceptional quality replacement females. 

We have two bull sales (February in NM, and October in South TX) and multiple, online frozen genetic sales annually. Visit for more information or stop by the ranch in Nara Visa, we'd love to show you our cow herd and discuss how our program can serve your needs.

9767 Quay Road O • Nara Visa, NM 88430 
Michael & Connie •
Cell: 575-403-7970
Kyle & Tonya •
Cell: 575-403-7971

Limousin Breeders

Lenape Limousin LLC
Lenape Limousin LLC is a registered breeder of Fullblood, Purebred and Limflex Limousin cattle. We are located in Telford, Pennsylvania, approximately 30 miles northwest of Philadelphia. We offer genetics through natural service with top quality herd sires, as well
as Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transfer to maintain elite outcomes; and are fortunate to have sold registered cattle from Maine to Texas. Lenape is a member of North American Limousin
Foundation, and are certified in their Limousin Inventory Management System (LIMS) for complete herd reporting. We are also registered with Beef Quality Assurance and members of New York Beef Producers Association.

Phone: 267-718-0574 

Red Angus Breeders


Weber Land & Cattle
2039 Co. Hwy 13
Lake Benton, MN 56149
Located just one mile off Highway 75

Jesse: 507-530-5427
Joe: 507-828-1182

Red Brangus Breeders


Trio Cattle
8240 TN Skiles Rd. - Ponder, TX
Allen Goode: 214-683-1600

Allen Goode is the founder and managing director owner of TRIO Cattle & Genetics. TRIO was founded in 2004 as a partnership dedicated to the breeding and promotion of superior Red Brangus and Brangus cattle. TRIO has developed a brand that is recognized world wide as a provider of the most elite cattle and genetics. TRIO to produce and exhibit 19 National Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champions Females and Bulls since 2004. The influence of TRIO sires can be found on five continents and over 13 countries. The TRIO donor herd holds as members some of the most prolific Red Brangus females in the breed. ​Allen, a native of deep South Texas, is a graduate of Texas A&M University with Bachelor of Animal Science and Masters in Business Administration. In addition to his full-time passion and dedication to the Brangus breed and beef cattle industry, he has a 20 year career as a wealth advisor with an advisory practice currently with Merrill Lynch. ​

Allen is a member the Immediate Past President of the Board of Directors of the International Brangus Breeders Association (IBBA), serving currently at the Treasure Secretary. He has served as chairman and a member of numerous committees for the IBBA, including Finance Committee, Show Committee and International Committee. In addition he is currently Vice-President of the International Brangus Foundation and Vice-President of the International Red Brangus Breeders Association. ​

TRIO Cattle & Genetics and MBJ Ranch are long term partners and currently hold two sales a year. A genetics sale during the IBBA National Show in Houston and on farm production sale, the Power of the Brands, each second Saturday of September at MBJ Ranch in Wharton, Texas.

This year, we have embarked in the largest embryo transfer program in our history. In this we are progressively multiplying our most proven and freshest herd sires and donors. We can not wait to share these offspring with you in the coming years.


MBJ Ranch
11840 S SH 60 Hwy.
Wharton, TX 77488
Phone: 979-533-1471
Fax: 979-532-4977

Marcos Borges is the first Brazilian to open a cattle ranch in Mexico. Mexico's market is highly competitive and difficult to enter. Along with another well-known cattleman, Rubens de Carvalho, they were the first Brazilians to participate in livestock shows in the United States. Borges and Carvalho, also, introduced Texas A&M University to Nelore cattle. Today, Texas A&M has one of the most respected Nelore herds in the U.S. Marcos represented OB Ranch Company, which was started by Uberaba visionaries, Ovidio and Paulo Brito. During its 23 years in the U.S. market, the OB Ranch has demonstrated the potential of the Nelore and Red Brangus breeds, and it has demystified the erroneous idea that beef from Zebu breeds is not comparable to those of European breeds. Borges's research, in cooperation with Texas Connection and Texas A&M, has proved that the carcass quality of some Nelore lineages is actually superior to the meat of the average Angus animal, which is considered to be the best beef in the United States.

Borges has served the International Red Brangus Breeders Association (IRBBA) Board of Directors since 1997. In 2004, he took over as president of the IRRBA. He, also, served as a director for the International Brangus Breeders Association and as vice president for the Texas Brangus Breeders Association.

Contributions & Accomplishments:

1998 - Borges was awarded the International Brangus Breeder International Merit Award.

2003 - Borges was awarded the Brazilian Association of Zebu Breeders International Merit Award during Expozebu, the worlds largest Zebu Livestock Show.

2004 - Borges was awarded the IRBBA Breeder & Member of the Year awards.

2008 – 2017 - Borges served as a founder of the Federation of International Brangus Associations.

2014 - International Brangus Merit – World Brangus Congress 2014 - Asociación de Criadores del estado de Yucatan.

2017 - Borges was awarded the IRBBA Breeder of the Year. 

MBJ Ranch : Throughout the years, from one generation to the next, we have placed the highest priority on breeding performance-oriented cattle, making sure that our cattle could adapt and do well in all environments. To raise our program to the next level, in the past five years we have made a concerted effort to build and refine our elite herd. These cattle and pedigrees have provided us with an additional purebred customer segment and appeal in the breed. The MBJ Performance and Elite herds will meet just about every objective from raising bulls for the commercial cattleman to registered replacement heifers to a competitive show heifer.

MBJ donors have generations of offspring in our registered herd; and you will find their genetics behind many of the powerful Red Brangus cattle in the U.S., Mexico, and around the Brangus world. With MBJ genetics, you will find a wide variety of pedigrees that will enhance your herds. 

Santa Gertrudis Breeders

Urbanosky Ranch
Urbanosky Ranch was founded in 1969 and is dedicated to producing high quality seed-stock to both purebred and commercial cattlemen. We are the first Santa Gertrudis ranch to have cloned a Santa Gertrudis, offered sexed female semen and to have an online production sale. We currently have over 200 Santa Gertrudis cows and are dedicated to producing the best animals possible. Currently, we are blessed with two great herd sires Hellacious and Bulletproof. Both of these home raised bulls are destined to improve the Santa Gertrudis breed for the decades to come. God has blessed us and we thank Him.

Jerome Urbanosky: 281-797-5715 
Blake Urbanosky: 936-870-5252

Simmental Breeders

Coming Soon

Wangus Breeders

Circle A Ranch
Circle A was founded in 1991 by the Dave Gust family, and for more than 20 years the name Circle A was associated with high quality Angus genetics. At Circle A we continue to look for new opportunities to improve to go above and beyond the industry standard for quality beef and increase the percentage of Prime in our cattle that we feed out. Over a decade ago, we started implementing Wagyu genetics into our best female Angus cows. As a result, we have established a new breed of cattle that is genetically superior to either Angus or Waygu by themselves. Our Wangus cattle continue to grade 70-85% Prime and receive an extra $300 per head in premiums compared to their Angus counterparts.

Circle A is headquartered in Iberia, Missouri which is home to 10,000 acres and 3,500 head of cattle. Our second location in Huntsville, Missouri is home to 8,000 acres and another 2,500 head of cattle. Circle A Feeders, which is also located in Huntsville is a mile-long, fully roofed feedlot that can house up to 5,000 head of cattle at one time. Although we have changed our focus, we stay true our mission and continue to live up to our reputation of developing superior genetics and providing outstanding customer service in everything we do.

Office: 573-793-2830 :: Cell: 708-334-5001
Facebook page:

Beef Programs



THE GGPP 50K is a new generation genomic profiler. Over 10 years of genomics research is distilled in the new GGP 50K. Detects gene markers that have the greatest influence on economically important traits and the most impact on key traits that cattle inherit from their parents. Designed for Bos Taurus and Bos Indicus influenced cattle.

  • Modern Predictions. The GGP 50K enters the market just as breed associations are adopting “single step” genomic predictions, which benefit from the added genomic information.
  • Smart Design. Unique measurement of density, spacing and information content from single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) along key regions of all 30 cattle chromosomes.
  • Value Add-Ons. Contains over 100 “causative” markers for a variety of economically relevant genetic conditions.
  • Global Parentage Traits. Uses all USDA and globally recognized ISAG parentage markers for Bos Taurus and Bos Indicus cattle.
THE GGP HD-150K  The most powerful commercial seedstock profiler ever.

Up to 150,000 genetic markers are built into the GGP HD-150K. This is the new gold standard of the Industry.

  • The GGP HD -150K provides more extensive data than any other commercial profiler. The result is a higher accuracy you can use for Elite animals.
  • Unique Content. Working with researchers globally, we include the most impactful new markers for cattle performance, reproduction and progeny. The GGP HD-150K detects gene variations that are not revealed by other products.
  • Elite Animals. Researchers will use this technology to test training populations and design new tests for the future.

Genetic Health and Conditions

To save you time, GGP profiles are also designed to detect many genetic conditions. The GGP HD 150K comes with built-in detections of many genetic abnormalities and conditions in breeding cattle, including:

  • MAN
  • CHO
  • Coat Color Dilution (DL)
  • Development Duplication (DD)
  • Dun (DN)
  • Hypotrychosis (HY)
  • Idiopathic Epilepsy (IE)
  • Neuropathic Hydrocephalus (NH)
  • Osteopetrosis (OS)
  • Pulmonary Hypoplasia with Anasarca (PHA)
  • Tibal Hemimelia (TH)

Parentage Verification

The GGP HD 150K contains all of the globally recognized USDA parentage markers. Using this standard, any breed of animal tested will be eligible for consideration as a parent or progeny.

The GGP HD 150K uses tens of thousands more markers than any other test.

Using the active genes plus denser coverage translates into more Power to predict cattle and progeny performance. All Power Source Genetic Alliance Herd Sires and Donors are GGP HD 150k tested to give our customers that Power to build their herds with confidence.

Power Source® Genetics “Power Up”